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Hi, I'm Meg, a trauma-trained somatic practitioner at the Healing Hub. I am also a trauma survivor who has dealt with chronic anxiety for the majority of my life. I designed this course on befriending your anxiety because I wish someone would have told me that it was much more effective to understand my anxiety than it was to fight it or run from it.

What you’ll learn about in this blog:

  • Befriending Your Anxiety Course Intention
  • Meg’s Qualifications & Experiences
    • Personal
    • Professional
  • Who the Course is for & What You Will Learn
  • Real Client Results


My intention in designing the Befriending Your Anxiety mini-course was that you would walk away confidence that anxiety doesn’t have to control you every day and that it is entirely possible to live your life while enjoying it – thriving instead of merely surviving. The information and tools provided to you in this course is where the journey starts!

Meg’s Personal Experience

Before diving into the course content, I want to provide a snapshot of who I am and why this course was so important for me to create. I’m Meg, a trauma-trained somatic practitioner at the Healing Hub…

but I am also a trauma survivor who has spent the majority of my life living in a chronic state of anxiety. It felt relentless throughout my childhood and into my late twenties. It crept into every facet of motherhood when I started having children. I would constantly worry about the future, playing out the worst-case scenario situations in my head, pick at my lips and the skin around my fingernails, and feel completely overwhelmed whenever life felt like it was out of my control (which seemed to be pretty much always). I spent years in talk therapy and while I was able to feel seen and validated there, I never felt like I was being given the tools I needed to reduce my anxiety and regulate myself. It wasn’t until I dove into the trauma healing process with a body-first approach that I was able to understand my anxiety, befriend it, and learn how to take control back from the survival states I was living in.

Meg’s Professional Experience

My professional qualifications as a practitioner and educator are listed below:

  • Somatic Attachment Therapy Certificate | The Embody Lab
  • ICF-Accredited Trauma Informed Coaching Certification | Moving the Human Spirit
  • Complex Trauma Level I & II Certification | Dr. Janina Fisher
  • Masters Level Certificate in Trauma & Resilience | Wilmington University
  • Integrative Somatic Parts Work Levels I, II, and III | The Embody Lab
  • 6-month Healing Hub Apprenticeship Program
  • Polyvagal & Nervous System Regulation Trained | Polyvagal Institute
  • Training on Social Emotional Learning & Trauma Informed Approaches | almost a decade teaching experience in Special Education


Who It’s For

Many times, we feel as though we are in a battle with our anxiety and we are losing. We can become stuck in cycles or loops of catastrophic or ruminating thoughts, worry, fear, and other anxious behaviors as we try to grasp and maintain control however we possibly can. Fear is always at the root of anxiety and when we try to run from it or fight it instead of trying to understand it, we can get lost on a hamster wheel of self-protective anxious behaviors that we can’t seem to get rid of. Consider this mini-course if you:

  • Often ruminate or catastrophize (think worst-case scenario)
  • Have self-soothing behaviors (skin picking, nail biting, leg bouncing)
  • Worry about your health or the health of those you love
  • Panic google your symptoms or self-diagnose
  • Have trouble living in and enjoying the present moment
  • Feel disconnected from yourself, others, or the world around you
  • Experience physical symptoms of anxiety or panic attacks
  • Are tired of anxiety controlling your life


What You’ll Learn

The purpose of this course is to educate you on the impact anxiety has on the nervous system, validate you by explaining how anxiety often manifests physically, help you to befriend your anxiety instead of viewing it as the enemy, and support you with practical tools and resources that teach you how to embrace presence. The course outline is below:

  • Module 1
    • Lesson 1: What is Anxiety
    • Lesson 2: Anxiety and Trauma
  • Module 2
    • Lesson 1: Signs and Symptoms of Trauma
    • Lesson 2: Living in Flight: Anxiety and the Nervous System
  • Module 3
    • Lesson 1: Anxiety Isn’t the Enemy
    • Lesson 2: Reducing Anxiety
  • Module 4
    • Lesson 1: Resourcing: Practices for Anxiety and Mindfulness 
    • Lesson 2: Embracing Presence


Client Results

My life has transformed for the better after implementing the knowledge and tools in this course, but I have also been privileged enough to help dozens of my clients transform their lives and live in the present moment too. Below is some of the most common feedback I receive:

  • Uncomfortable physical symptoms decrease or disappear completely
  • More regulated nervous system
  • Less catastrophizing and ruminating thoughts
  • Far better equipped with tools to resource into safety
  • Trust and safety restored within the body
  • Increase in self-compassion and self-understanding
  • Deep understanding of the nervous system and the ways in which anxiety serves and protects us
  • More embodied, present living

My intention is for you to walk away from our time together knowing that anxiety doesn't have to control you every day and that it is possible to live your life while enjoying it - thriving instead of merely surviving. This is where that journey starts!



Healing Hub Practitioner


Client Testimonial 

“I get emotional trying to describe what this program has done for me. Having severe, long-term trauma led to chronic nightmares, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, nausea, and not being able to eat for long periods of time. I was struggling and had done everything possible to help myself. Nothing helped me the way this program did. Learning about my nervous system, how it works, and why I felt the way I had for so long changed my life. Every single day, I use the tools I was taught. I rarely have nightmares or anxiety anymore. It brings tears to my eyes knowing that I am no longer that person. I will forever be grateful for this program and what it has done for me.” - Taylor


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