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Hi, I'm Carrie Holladay, trauma-informed practitioner at the Healing Hub. In this blog post I will share more about the Restoring Trust self-guided course. As a trauma survivor that has dealt with the pain of shattered trust, in both myself and others, I created this course to help you on the journey to restoring trust through a somatic lens.

In this blog post you'll learn:

  • My own experiences that shaped my view of trust and how I became inspired to help others navigate betrayal trauma
  • The teachings and trainings that I've completed to qualify me to teach this course
  • What you'll learn in the course
  • Who this course will help
  • Previous client testimonies on how I've helped them with restoring trust

My history with betrayal trauma

From betrayals in my youth to betrayals as an adult, I am no stranger to trust issues. When I was experiencing betrayal trauma in my marriage, the word “trust” held so much weight, but I thought “I don’t trust myself, how can I even begin to trust someone else?” 

Everyone talks about how hard it is to trust people after you've been hurt. But barely anyone talks about how hard it is to trust yourself when you've had your gut instincts and convictions skillfully undermined by someone.

I was on a hamster wheel, going around and around trying to restore trust in others without the foundation of knowing what trust meant, what it entailed, or what it even felt like. The trauma I endured had disconnected me from my body and left me feeling lost and hopeless. I questioned every thought and feeling I had, unsure of what reality really was. I felt broken, like my radar for truth had been shattered on the floor and was now just particles of dust. 

I knew that if I was to restore trust in someone else, I had to get off the hamster wheel and create that foundation of trusting myself.

So that's what I did.

How I became an expert in restoring trust

I dove into somatic work and learned the language of my body in order to better connect with Self and know what my “intuition” felt like. I discovered first hand how crucial it is to address trust through a somatic lens. I certified in Polyvagal Theory and to better connect with the nervous system, Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy to understand trauma and the impact it has on the body, Somatic Attachments to explore the foundation of trust in relationships, Gottman Method in relationships, as a Betrayal Trauma Coach, and so much more.

Having experienced the pain of broken trust, I brought together all my knowledge to create this Restoring Trust course to support you in coming back to your body to trust yourself, others, and the world.

Through this course you will:

  • Understand what trust means and how it is experienced your the body
  • Gain a strengthened relationship with your felt sense experience
  • Understand the development of trust in regards to Attachment and the Nervous System
  • Understand the impact of trauma on our ability to trust
  • Have a clear direction of how to restore broken trust (with Self and others)

Course breakdown

You will start out the program understanding what trust means, how it develops as we discuss Attachment Theory, and the impact that trust and distrust has on the body. You will be introduced to the Polyvagal Theory as you learn about the nervous system and the role it plays in trust.

In module two, you will start to connect deeper with your body as I guide you in somatic practices and exercises to better understand your felt sense. This is foundational for establishing self trust and extending that to others.

In modules three and four, we use a body first approach to explore Henry Cloud’s Five Pillars of Trust in order to restore trust with Self and others.

Who this course will help

If you have experienced broken trust and are seeking restoration, this course is intended to give you a clear direction in a way that feels doable and provides hope. Because broken trust can be very traumatic for our systems, it is recommended that you have some somatic healing work under your belt or completed our Body First Healing Program.

You don’t have to live with the confusion and chaos of broken trust forever. Access the course today and begin the beautiful, freeing power that comes with restoring trust.



Healing Hub Practitioner

P.S. Here are what previous clients of mine have said after working together to restore trust:

​​”When I started working with Carrie she helped me to understand what was happening to me--in my head and in my body. When I understood this it helped me to pause and think more clearly. It helped me to choose myself, to find myself.

-Previous Client


“I knew I was in so much pain after my husbands betrayal but I didn’t even realize how long I had been living in a state of numbness.  I had completely lost who I was.  Carrie has been a true blessing in my life and in my healing journal.  She has helped me to connect with myself again, to be present, to feel and to be intentional in my daily life.  I’m finding myself again thanks to Carrie’s exceptional knowledge, techniques and her caring compassionate ways.  What stands out about Carrie is the fact that she has personal experience in betrayal, she’s lived it and because of that she has a deep understanding and a grace that flows from her soul.  I am beyond grateful that I reached out to her and that I am now truly healing because of her.” 

-Previous Client


“The peace in my life has increased so much since implementing the tools Carrie has taught me. I’m more aware of and connected to the messages my body is sending me and know what to do to help it feel safe. Actionable. The things Carrie teaches are so actionable and effective. I’ve been searching for what she teaches for a long time.”

-Previous Client


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