Why I Created the Healing Hub

Nov 10, 2021

 I still remember sitting on that witness stand.

I remember the 12 jurors faces. 

I remember the slate-blue long skirt I wore.

I remember him gazing at me from across the room.


And I remember the accusations that his attorney made in his defense, 

“Your story doesn’t make sense.”

“Why don’t you remember everything?”

“But you didn’t fight back.”

“Why didn’t you just drive away?”


I remember the hot rage creeping into my face, the pit in my stomach, the brain fog, the confusion. 


I didn’t know why I didn’t fight back.

I didn’t know why I didn’t remember.

I didn’t have an answer.


These questions would haunt me for years to come—seeping their way into the cracks of my brokenness. Self-blame gave way to shame, which opened the door to self-destruction.


There was so much I didn’t know. But what I did know, was that regardless of how my brain and body responded in those moments—I had experienced something that no-one should ever have to endure.


And with a 60-year sentence behind bars, I knew the jury agreed.


This pivotal moment in my journey would catapult me into a frontier that not many had yet ventured—the exploration of how we experience, store and relive trauma, well after it’s “ended.” I call this the living legacy of trauma.


This exploration took me into a world of exciting new research. A world full of answers to my painful questions. I found that with the developments in medical technology and neuroimaging in the ‘90s, 2000’s and beyond—there was an emerging field of study that gave us more insight into the imprints of trauma and recovery, than ever before.


Dr. Gabor Mate so famously says, “trauma is not what happens to you, trauma is what happens inside of you, as a result of what happens to you.”


In order to heal, the education and awareness of this information is vital to the process.


Now, well over a decade later, with thousands of hours of hands-on work within the trauma space, trauma informed trainings with violent crimes units and the US military, hundreds of workshops and speaking events on trauma recovery, and over a dozen trainings, courses and certifications under my belt—I’m determined to contribute to the building of a trauma informed society.


A society where, through a trauma informed lens... 

  • survivors are met with compassion, not judgement
  • survivors understand that their post-traumatic responses make complete sense in the form of self-protection,
  • survivors are empowered with body-brain tools to regulate their nervous systems and release the blocks of trauma,
  • survivors have access to healing resources, regardless of their financial situation,
  • survivors heal in compassionate community, not shameful isolation,
  • allies have the tools to empathetically walk with survivors in their recoveries.


This is the foundation of The Healing Hub, a diverse Trauma-Informed membership platform that offers Life Coaching, somatic tools, safe connection, and compassionate community.


The Healing Hub is the product of all that I've learned, experienced, and witnessed—both in my own recovery, and in the recoveries of others. These are the resources I wish I could have had, all those years ago. I’m humbled to say that this platform is the integration of my life's work.


Through tools, education, community and support—my hope is that in your journey here, you find understanding, acceptance, compassion, connection, safety, and purpose. Thank you for trusting me. I'm so honored to have you in this space.


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