I'm Brittany Piper, a survivor turned Trauma Informed Coach & Somatic Practitioner. I know from first-hand experience that healing is not one size fits all. The complexity of trauma requires a complex response. This awareness has fueled my commitment to empowering my clients with a diverse set of modalities for growth. With this mission in mind, I have advanced qualifications in: complex trauma, nervous system regulation, somatic experiencing & attachment. 

Like many Healing Practitioners, my story in the trauma space began with my own personal recovery. Since 2004, my path to healing has taken me a profound journey of compassionately understanding the imprints of trauma--both for myself and others. Now, after 18 years of personal healing, training, education, and hands-on work all over the globe, I bring to you the resources I wish I could have had, all those years ago.

Outside of the coaching space, I'm still wholeheartedly committed to my healing, while also juggling the beauties of: motherhood, marriage, and being an international speaker and advocate on sexual violence prevention & recovery. Regardless of the role I'm in, I've always been guided by my own north help others feel seen, heard, valued and a lot less alone.


I'm Megan Schnetzer. As a survivor, I spent far too many years feeling numb and disconnected, crushed under the weight of trauma and stuck in a seemingly endless shame cycle. That is until I found and completed several of the Healing Hub programs that changed my life.

In addition to my extensive training under the Healing Hub Apprenticeship program, I've completed certifications in Trauma Informed Coaching, Somatic Attachments, Complex PTSD, and am currently working towards a Masters Certificate in Trauma and Resilience. While I believe that continuing education is both important and valuable, I think my own experience as a survivor and my experiences within the Healing Hub inform my work the most.

Prior to joining the Healing Hub team, I spent 7 years as an elementary school Special Education Teacher. I now work as the Lead Adjunct Coordinator of the Teacher Preparation Team at a local University--tasked with building trauma informed curriculums for the next generation of teachers.

As someone who's walked this path, my mission is to help you reveal your truth: that you are more than enough, and have everything inside of you to start healing today.