I'm Brittany Piper, a survivor turned trauma expert & Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. I know from first-hand experience that healing is not one size fits all. The complexity of trauma requires a complex response. This awareness has fueled my commitment to empowering my clients with a diverse set of modalities for growth. With this mission in mind, I have advanced qualifications in: complex trauma, polyvagal theory, nervous system regulation, somatic experiencing & attachment. 

Like many Healing Practitioners, my story in the trauma space began with my own personal recovery. Since 2004, my path to healing has taken me a profound journey of compassionately understanding the imprints of trauma--both for myself and others. Now, after 18 years of personal healing, training, education, and hands-on work all over the globe, I bring to you the resources I wish I could have had, all those years ago.

Outside of the somatic practitioner space, I'm still wholeheartedly committed to my healing, while also juggling the beauties of: motherhood, marriage, and being an international speaker and advocate on sexual violence prevention & recovery. Regardless of the role I'm in, I've always been guided by my own north star...to help others feel seen, heard, valued and a lot less alone.

I specialize in: Somatic Experiencing, CPTSD, Nervous System Regulation, Somatic Attachments & Somatic Parts Work

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